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Make sure DR-DOS has problems





>From bradsi Fri Sep 91 10:01:22 PDT To bradc; jimail; johnlu; mikemur; paulma; russs; steveb; tonya Cc: mackm Subject: dri/novell/ibm

: drdos has problems running windows today. And I assume will have more problems in the future.

To: bradsi Subject: RE: dri/novell/ibm Date Fri Sep 27 18:26:52 PDT 1991

You should make sure it has problems in the future :)


>From bradc Fri Sep 27 18:35:22 1991 To: bradsi Cc: bradc; richab; richf; loaya Subject: FW: FYI - Windows message Date Fri Sep 27 18:36:31 PDT 1991

I asked to have this forwarded to me.

: Two cents from richf and I;

: 1) The check for dr dos better be perfect, otherwize you could be in a heep of trouble ..


: 4) The PC-DOS statement is problematic if ibm calls dr dos pc dos 6 so we think that we have to not state ms-dos or pc-dos directly

: we can get the message out that they don't work with windows without seeming so manipulative. We need to say the right thing so that people get the right message - we are helping users by giving them info that windows is only tested on ms-dos.

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