Marshall Goldberg: the IBM trojan horse and the PC Company

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From MArshall Goldberg
Sent: Saturday, MArch 14, 1998 12:23 PM
To: Bob Gomulkiewicz (LCA)
Cc: Tod Nielsen; Brad Chase; Morris Beton; Marc Kuperstein; Jim Allchin (Exchange); Mike Nash; Paul Maritz; Bill
Gates Subject: Lotus perceptions from the meeting today - Attorney/Client Privileged Information
Importance: High
Sensitivity: Confidential


We were given eSuite literature by Noah. Suite is clearly a development platform; not just an office suite. With the IBM OC Company putting Domino on their servers as a trojan horse , eSuite rounds out the "new" IBM platform strategy.

Lotus is now the center of IBM's platform competition with Microsoft and must not receive platform information from us any longer without a new disclosure agreement being put in place. There is just too much evidence from our wanderings and discussions at Lotus that IBM corporate people are working side-by-sire with Lotus people. In that circumstance, in my view, there is no way Lotus can properly protect our IP. With Lotus' new mission, we need to be certain not to pass to them features of COM+ and other new technologies for them to incorporate within their platform environment. They should not be invited to any more COM+ design previews.


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