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Melco is said to have been sued by Microsoft (like TomTom), but only one source suggests this. According to other sources, Microsoft simply signed a Linux patent deal with Melco with Melco's consent. Our posts about the products and the company, in order of relevance (all from 2009):

  • Boycott Melco
  • Microsoft Sued Melco Group Over Linux and Microsoft is Likely to Lose Another Patent Case (VirnetX)
  • Treasonous Melco-Microsoft Linux Deal Already Costing Melco Business
  • Why the Melco-Microsoft Deal is a Form of Racketeering
  • Novell and Xandros Promote Microsoft Patents, SFLC Warns About “Microsoft Patent Aggression” (SFLC warns about Melco)
  • A Look at the Microsoft-funded SCO Lawsuit in Light of Newer Anti-Linux Microsoft Lawsuits (Reminder of Melco's settlement)
  • Novell is Insulting Ubuntu/Canonical Again (Groklaw blames parent company)
  • Verdict on Microsoft’s Linux Patch: Embrace, Extend, and Assimilate (lessons from Melco)