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Microsoft's Allchin: we need to slaughter Novell

Date: September 1991


synopsis: Integrate Windows with DOS to slaughter DR-DOS on the non IBM desktop. Repackage DOS for PS/2's ..

What's the reference to 'DOS for PS/2', I thought OS/2 was still the next generation OS. Given the mutually contradictory statements coming out of these emails, I don't think it was only MS pre-announcing vapourware to throw off the other fella and freeze the market, as not actually having a long term strategy of their own.

Having spotted the next great threat, the typical reaction, and it always was a reaction, was to pre-announce a me-too product that would super-set the current enemies version of whatever. Then 'partner' with the company, at the same time lean on everyone else not to do business with them and quietly FUD their product. Eventually 'merge' with the company and buy the stock at rock bottom.


From: jimall Mon Sep 9 11:09:33 1991 To: billg steveb Cc: bradsi; jonl; mikemur; paulma Subject winball Date: Mon Sep 09 11:08:44 PDT 1991

The news on the street continues to confirm the IBM and Novell announcements this week. DRDOS 6, Novell bundling, SLRP, and IBM reselling DRDOS are the words. Still no real data on the details.

MS Response:

1. repackage DOS for PS/2's

2. integrate Windows with DOS, Common install. Make it so that there is no reason to try DRDOS to get Windows.

This is much more important than 1, given the OEM deals that Novell will try to do for DRDOS on the clone machines.

3. integrate winball with Windows 3.1


We must slow down Novell. The strongest action that we could take would be to include networking with Windows for essentially a zero uplift in price (maybe minor COGS uplift). As you said Bill, it has to be dramatic.


We need to slaughter Novell before they get stronger.

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