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Microsoft: let's clone Netscape

Date: 1995



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From: Ben Slivka Sent: Wednesday, November01, 1995 7:38 PM To: Ben Slivka's internet Client Team (Xerox DL) Subject: Getting to 30% Share Memo

Here is final copy of the memo we sent to BillG for think week about what we should do to get 30% browser share. Pls do not distribute broadly.


2. Clone and Supernet Netscape. PSD needs to get serious about cloning Netscape. We must have a plan to clone all the features they have today, plus new ones they will add between now and our next release. We have to make this our only top priority and put our top people on the job. In addition to our planned Win32.OLE work, we have to get serious about extending and owning HTLM as a format ..


Shell Integration. The Internet is a part of Windows. We will bind the shell to the Internet Explorer so that running any other browser is a jolting experience. Shell/Browser user model becomes the same.


  • Office Integration. A critical piece of our success is executing WebOffice. The Internet Explorer/Windows shell must support DocObj, and the Office team must use Windows services for favorites/history ..

  • ..

    Co-Opt Top Sites. We should consider purchasing or co-opting the top sites (StarWave?) and having them use our content. We should give JonL/RSegal the mandate to do this; they would be responsible for enticing the best sites to use our content by whatever means necessary.

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