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Dear MSDN Academic Alliance Member,

We are sure that all of you are aware that the software from MSDN AA can be installed on any number of departmental lab machines for instructional and research purposes. In addition, the department's faculty and students may check-out or download the software to install on their personal computers at no additional charge.

However, the biggest question has been how to distribute the software that comes as part of the MSDN Academic Alliance and product keys to all your students?

You can now use e-academy's License Management System (ELMS) for automated distribution of software and product keys to eligible users via the Web. This service is available at no charge to all existing MSDN AA subscribers. With ELMS you will not have to manually make copies of CDs for your students, request for product keys from MSDN subscription web site and distribute them to your students.

All you need to provide access to genuine Microsoft software to all your students is to reply back to us with your –

1. either register online to deploy your ELMS or request us to deploy the same

2. promise to upload the list of all your students (email addresses) to ELMS once it is deployed.

Just to reiterate, neither you nor your students need to pay anything for using ELMS.

We request you to provide your go ahead as soon as possible by replying to us at If you have any questions please get in touch with us at

More than 50 institutes in India and more than 1200 worldwide have already deployed ELMS and made software available to their students and thousands of students have got access to the latest and genuine operating systems, developer tools and servers from Microsoft for free.

So what are you waiting for? Empower you students to DEVELOP and derive the maximum benefits from the your MSDN AA subscription.


Microsoft India Academic Team.

Thanks and Regards,

Chitra Ganesh

Microsoft Subscription Center

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