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Microsoft OS & Digital Video Platform Update

Category:Apple Category:Microsoft Category:Multimedia Date: March 1998


Apple and Microsoft convene.


Incoming Message Fwd: Microsoft OS & Digital Video Computing Platform Update Subject: Fwd: Microsoft OS & Digital Video Computing Platform Update Date: 3/24/98 11:08 AM Received: 3/24198 11:14 AM From: Mitchell Weinatock, To: Larry Lowe, Steve Bannerman, Carolyn Goatea, Phil Schiller, Peter Hoddie, Tim Schaaff,

................ Begin Forwarded Message ................ Date: 03/24 6:35 AM Received: 03/24 8:39 AM From: Richard Doherty, To: Milch Weinstock, Fiona Lee, Flee@apple.corn CC: Rick McEacham,

Market Development Counsel - Technology Transfer - Competitive Aseesament The Envisioneertng Group 3864 Bayberry Lane, Seaford, NY 11783-1503 Phone: (516) 783-6244 Fax: (516) 679-8167 Email: envisioneering @ March 23, 1998 Mr. Milch Weinstock Ms. Fiona Lee Apple Computer, INc. Subject: Microsoft OS & Digital Video Computing Platform Update Dear Milch & Fiona;

We are pleased to update you with the latest Windows OS and platform roadmap form our recent Microsoft management meeting in New York and Hanover, Germany at CeBit.

Microsoft Client Computing is based on Two Models Lots and Lots of CE Devices WinTerm Thin Clients

Bill Gates (and Nathan Myrhvold and Craig Mundie) prefers the WebTV/CE Video (LAN Adapter - 10Base, Broadcast Tuner, cable Tuner, DSL Adapter) model for the long run. Steve Bellmer prefers the Microsoft IS subscription model - sell repeat updates to NT & Hydra as well as for existing servers, PCs, Workstations, NetPCs, Handhelds, Mobile & THIN clients [...] ancient PCs.

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