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Microsoft Retribution against individuals and organisations

We carry on collecting many examples of cases where Microsoft employees harass the company's critics. Below are just a few fairly recent examples (mostly 2007-2008).


Internal links

  • More People Are Coming Out: Microsoft Tried to Get Them Fired for Standing in Microsoft’s Way (the ‘One Microsoft Way’)
  • Microsoft Making Critics Unemployed (or Trying to)
  • The ‘New’ Microsoft is Still Acting Like a Dangerous Cult in an Effort to Hijack and/or Undermine All Free/Open Source Software
  • Microsoft Attempting to Destroy the Careers of Its Critics, Including Free Software Proponents
  • Peter Quinn
  • Microsoft Smear Campaigns in India: Watch and Be Disgusted
  • OOXML Defeated Easily in India; Microsoft in Hot Water in New Zealand Over Smear Campaign
  • “If you Can't Deny the Truth, Run a Smear Campaign” (Updated)
  • Bullying, Intimidation and Smears, Courtesy of Microsoft
  • Microsoft Launches “Get the Facts”-esque Smear Campaign Against ODF and OOXML's Critics
  • Smear Campaign Against Boycott Novell (Updated)

  • External links

  • Windows DRM: A Response to the Disinformation (Peter Gutmann)
  • Life Is Complicated (Tim Bray)
  • Intimidation (Pamela Jones)
  • Ethics (Pamela Jones)
  • A Microsoft Slur in the OOXML Saga -- Did I Tell You or Did I Tell You? (Mathew Holloway)
  • Microsoft Says Worker Wrote Smear of Rival