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Microsoft and the secret shopper program

Category:OEM Date: 1998



FY’98 Planning Directions Joachim Kempin OEM Sales PREAMBLE

FY’98 could potentially see OEM revenue exceed $5B. In order to achieve this. we will have to execute flawlessly in certain key growth areas and do extremely well in developing key customer relationships.


Anti-piracy focus for FY'98

  • Drive anti-piracy technology development and deployment beginning with forced registration

  • Drastically reduce counterfeits

  • Increase "secret shopper" program to stop HD-loading

  • Attack mouse counterfeits worldwide

  • Forced registration will be an issue Davewr and myself will address with the product groups to determine when this might happen on a product by product basis. Anti*counterfeit and anti-illegal hardware loading activities are solely an OEM field responsibility and these activities need to be significantly stepped up and taken more seriously in FY’98 by using more outside help and doing it more systematically around the world following Johnj’s three phase model.

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