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Microsoft behaving badly

Date: 1998



Outgoing Message Re: Fwd: Microsoft behaving badly Subject: Re: Fwd: Microsoft behaving badly Date: 2/26/98 12:09 PM To: Peter Hoddle,

I would just forward it to Tim

Peter Hoddie 2/25/98 6:53 PM >Tim --

> l asked Bannerman to whte this down for me today from Ihe conference. ¯ Should we bother to forward it to Nancy or someone? Bannerman said his presentation went really well and he managed to successfully blunt the Microsolt FUD.

>-- Peter >................ Begin Forwarded Message ................ >Date: 02/25 5:58 PM >Received: 02/25 5:59 PM >From: Steve Bannerman, >To: Peter Hoddie, >Hi Peter,

> As I mentioned to you earlier, Peter Biddle from Microsoft spokl at the same SPA DVD connference yesterday that I did. He actually included in his presentation a slide that read as follows (I willtry to phrase it as exactly as I can):

> "Move all of your Quickttime content to DirectShow as soon as possible, and don’t look back"

> And we have it on tape

> steve

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