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Microsoft is threatening our channel

Date: March 1994



Mary Murphy 03/10/94 19 AM To: Frank Callahan Subject: Microsoft is threatening our channel

: Frank,

: I need your help to verify what I recently learned from the industry analyst I have researching EMS and Microsoft's strategy's acceptance by our customers. While I was obtaining a status on the market research, I probed for preliminary results. She mentioned that "Microsoft is threatening your channel if they don't sell MS Mail exclusively."

: (Kirty. since cc:mail is the product at highest risk, you might also want to check on the channel from your end. We'll share with you what we find out.)

: She is having a great deal of trouble getting any of the Microsoft customers to answer questions about EMS, as Microsoft has threatened full prosecution of anyone who violates their non-disclosure

: Microsoft is "playing hardball," according to the analyst. They bare working very closely with "MS friendlies" in our accounts to feed evaluation groups misinformation about Notes which minimizes it, and upset or delay sales ..

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