Bonum Certa Men Certa

Microsoft offered money to companies to destroy Lotus disks

Date: January 1989



To: Pete Higgings, Mike Maples Fr: Hank Vigil, Phil Welt Re: Microsoft Excel Exchange program Dt: 1/18/89 cc: Sharon Decker; Mike Negrin; Mike Rhamy; David Vaskevitch; Rich MacIntosh; Pete Higgings; ABU Marketing; Nancy Gullick; Marty Garret

This memo outlines the Excel Exchange program. It summarizes input from Mikene, Miker, Sharonde, and Pateh. The program is designed to pffer existing Lotus users an incentive to purchase Excel in lieu of upgrading (or waiting to upgrade) to the next version of Lotus 1-2-3.


Basic Program Concept

Microsoft will offer PC Excel purchasers either $75 or a copy of Windows 286/386 if they send us:

  • Their Lotus 1-2-3 system disk

  • ..

    Excel Exchange for Corporate Accounts

    To make the Excel Exchange program flexible enough to be effective in the Corporate Account environment, we will offer a Corporate Account version of the rebate form .. In signing the Corporate Account version of the Exchange form, company agrees to:

  • Deliver/Destroy the appropriate number of Lotus 123 System Disks.

  • Confirm they are not participating in Corporate Development/Golden Disk programs.

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