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Microsoft to Netscape: try our 800 number




From: chrisjo Sent: Thursday, August 31,1995 6:08 AM To:;; Cc:;; Subject: Follow on from our discussions

As per earlier conversations, here are our deliverables and next steps.


Apologies for the delay in delivering this component. RC 1 of this DLL is available and attached below. We will release final bits next week, we need to run a final test pass and do a final build, and also complete our license agreement. It will be licensed under exactly the same terms as URL.DLL. In particular, please make sure that you follow the instructions for loading the DLL in order to ensure that you run on future versions of Windows 95 and Windows NT.

2. Associations in the Registry

As per our agreement, we will modify our next release of Internet Explorer to prompt the user before overwriting the associations in the registry. Our next beta release will have this feature. Our prompt will be something like: "Do you want to make Internet Explorer the default Web browser"? YesNo, Ask me again next time". Our understanding was that your next beta release would do this as well. When can we expect a release with these changes? We would like to ensure that our actions and yours are coordinated.

3. Netscape Online Store

For some reason, your online store is detecting use of your browser, not browser features. We have a browser that supports SSL, and your site is rejecting it for purchase, with the message. "Because you are not using Netscape Navigator, you do not have adequate security to make a purchase from the Netscape General Store. If you wish to securely encrypt your credit information, you can download Netscape Navigator and continue shopping". Can you explain why we get this message, even though we do have adequate security? We believe that our support of SSL should be recognized by Netscape through your support of our browser by your servers.

4. Developer Support

In terms of industry standards and interoperability, we need to continue to work closely together. However, over the past several months, you've had access to our development team that other ISV's have not. We have gladly given that access to ensure that we foster a broader relationship. We are now ramping up to full spped on new development efforts, and cannot afford to continue this level of support. Fairness dictates that all future technical questions must be routed through standard channels. If these are not sufficient you can also purchase premium support, which will give you a Microsoft contact you can use for all your questions. Please let me know if you are interested in this option and I can provide you with a contact.

Let me know if you have questions or comments, and also help me understand points 2 and 3 above

Thanks - Chris Jones

From: Troy Chevalier ( Sent Thursday, August 31, 1995 7:59 PM To:;;; Cc:;; Subject: RE: Follow on from our discussions

So perhaps you can define what "standard" channels mean as far as getting developer support?

We would be happy with any support at all in figuring out how to get the GenInstall() and network device installer routines to work for us. There's no sample code on the DDK, there's nothing on the MSDN CDs, and you guys haven't answered a single question we have asked.


From: chrisjo Sent: Friday, Sepember 01, 1995 10:50 AM To:;; Cc:;; Subject: RE: Follow on from our discussions

Troy, as per our phone conversation, you should try (800) 936-3500 and sign up for Premier Developer Support. This is the option most major ISV's have, and will provide you with a dedicated channel you can use to answer all of your questions. I understand you may be having problems getting through, and we are looking into this on our end, but realize that we are also answering Win95 support questions so our load at this time is high.

Thanks - Chris

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