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Microsoft vs Android

Microsoft extracts revenue from Android through Samsung, LG, and HTC.


  • HTC Sells Out to Microsoft (Microsoft ‘Android Tax’)
  • Microsoft is Contacting Publications, Asking Them to Add More Anti-Linux Slant
  • Microsoft Insiders Speak About the Case Against Android
  • “Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t, Sue.” ("Microsoft may have actually threatened to sue HTC in order to sign a patent deal covering Android for unnamed patents")
  • Behind the Microsoft Puppetmaster: SCO-Type Libel, Acacia-Type Patent Trolls, and Novell-Type Patent Deals to Make GNU/Linux Not Free (Gratis)
  • HTC-Microsoft Was Not an Agreement, It Was Apparently an Extortion
  • Free Software Foundation Europe Likens Apple/Microsoft Behaviour to Blackmail
  • Microsoft Mouthpieces Put a Number on Microsoft ‘Linux Tax’
  • Microsoft Attacks Linux Competition Using Lawsuits and Threats (With Software Patents), Pays Acacia/IP Innovation After Anti-Linux Lawsuit