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Mosiac: you guys are going to f*ck us eventually

Date: September 1994



From: Thomas Reardon To: John Ludwig Subject: FW: mosiac communications corp Date: Monday: September 26, 1994 6:30 PM

the big theme of the call, as in a million other encounters i've had is "yea, you guys are going to fuck us eventually. how do you respond to that? can we point to an example of how we've helped another comapny's business by working on a jda or other bundling agreement?

there are all the obvious arguments about how getting "in the box" is an unbelievable revenue opportunity for servers and for client add-ons, in this case they were really looking for touchly-feely arguments.

- thomas

From Thomas Reardon To: John Ludwig; James 'J' Allard; Bernard Aboba (bernarda) Cc: Pat Ferrer (patfer) Subject: mosiac communications corp Date: Monday, September 26, 1994 06:26 PM

this is the company formed by jim clark and most of the original ncsa dudes

i talked with paul koontz, vp marketing, for about 20 minutes regarding there development plans. he had a lot of attitude about working with microsoft, but was open to at least exploring a deal. they claim to have talked with many folks here, so i'd like to at least collapse that down to one contact. i will send him nda tonight. when its returned i want to have more detailed conversation about what we want for our box and what we would be willing to let them keep proprietary. you should be involved in that call.

- thomas

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