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Most ugly garbage since COM/OLE

Date: October 1996


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From: Bill Gates Sent Sunday, October 06, 1996 11:54 AM To: Bob Muglia Cc: Aaron Contorer; Richard Fade; Steven Sinofsky; Paul Maritz; Nathan Myhrvold; Brad Silverberg; Adam Bosworth Subject: Access, Internet studio, VB and other overlapping products


Why is the difference between Internet studio and Access? I can't detect any reasonable difference. Internet studio has taken an approach of putting onto HTML pages the most ugly Microsoft garbage ever seen since COM/OLE programming in C++ was declared a success in order to block language invocation. i am still blown away by seeing all those ugly PARAM statements in the HTML totally confusing anyone who tries to do anything. If something isn't part of the WYSIWYG output then it should be succinct and understandable. This was the opposite of that.

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