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Netscape challenges Microsoft lead on the Internet

Date: July 3, 1996, Wednesday



BYLINE: Louse Kehoe DATELINE: San Francisco

: "The Internet is a fantastic place" says Bill Gates of Microsoft, the software giant. "It makes software and computers more relevant to what is going on in the world. There is something going on here that is very deep ..."

: Bill Gates, chairman and chief executive of Microsoft, has become one of the leading advocates of Internet software .. Microsoft's ambitions are, however, being hotly challenged by a hoard of new software ventures led by Netscape Communications which has captured an early lead in browsers ...

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Mosaic Netscape timeline

1994: Mosaic Netscape released

1994: Microsoft, after unsuccessfully trying to license the Netscape browser, fails to get an exclusive license from the NCSA, gets a license and access to the source code from Spyglass and releases it as Internet Explorer 1.0

: Microsoft was a bit late in noticing the rise of the Internet, but by late summer 1994 it was negotiating with Spyglass to license Mosaic.

1996: Bill Gates 'welcomes` Netscape into the Industry

: "As Netscape comes into the industry, we hope they adopt a PC mentality [of documenting changes to standards],. They've been making lots of changes to JavaScript. We think they should document that."

1996: Microsoft tells IBM to take Netscape off the IBM personal computer

: "Mr Norris described in detail [how Microsoft influenced] IBM's choice of software .. these were with OS/2, Lotus Notes, Lotus Smartsuite, World Books, Netscape's browser"

1996: Netscape challenges Microsoft lead on the Internet .. :)