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At 03:33 PM 4/26/95 -0700, Rick Schell wrote:

> Is Tom looking for us to use, or merely to provide feedback?

> rick.


> At 02:56 PM 4/26/95 -0700, Troy ChevaLier wrote: >>>> Hey, just a quick ping to see if you guys have dug into the SDK >>>> materials I sent you a couple weeks ago?

>>>> -Thomas Reardon

>> We did receive some SDK materials from MS. It doesn’t look to me >> like Internet shortcuts are explicitly discussed; rather it is >> a full blown SDK for people developing Intemet aware applications.

>> The goal of the SDK is to isolate the developer from sockets and >> Intemet protocols. As such there are general Intemet APIs, Mime >> APIs, FTP APIs, Gopher APIs, HTTP APIs, and Archie APIs

>> Doesnt seem all that practical to me in the short term given that >> we have already written all the code to dothis stufff (and more >> I’m sure). Also, I would hate to rely on MS for bug fixes and >> implementation of new features (the latest whatever)

>>There may indeed be more there, that is iust what I observed >> by a cursory reading of the hardcopv doc


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