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Novell interface guidelines

Date: February 1998



From: "Dan Fay (Exchange)" To: "John Gailey (E-mail)" Date: Mon, Feb 9, 1998 5:24 PM EXHIBIT Subject: Details for NT5 program


Here is the pointer to the NT5 details.


1. Company shall submit New Version for Designed for Windows 98 and Windows NT or Designed for BackOffice logo testing within 3 months of Windows NT5 RTM date.

2. Company will develop New Version as a WiN32-based application and support the following Windows NT5-specific technical features:


Company will adhere to the following user interface guidelines:


If the user interface is HTML based, Intemet Explorer 4.0 must be set as the default browser.

HTMLHelp must be used to implement the application’s help system.


If the application is written in Java, the Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java will be the default VM, and AFC will be used for UI elements.

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