Novell to Microsoft: help MAPI has stopped working

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Date: July 1995



From: Richard Jones
To : Internet : yvesm@microsoft. com
Date: 7/21/95 9:48am
subject: A couple of issues
Hi Yves,
I wanted to check that you received our Alpha 11 CD early last week. I checked with our Beta administrator and it was sent to John Ludwig.
I have one issue that was escalated to me by our messaging group concerning MAPI. Here is the message:
"My MAPI service providers that used to work in the M7 time frame (January beta) no longer seem to work. Can we get documentation on the changes that have been made to the SPls (especially transport and address book) since M7.
Bruce Greerublatt
Bruce had sent this request almost a month ago to NOVSUP and has received no response. Could you help us out please?
If there are any issues you need resolved with us, please let us know.
BTW: any more news on us getting a beta copy of "Maple’? Thanks,
Richard Jones
cc:,Ben Hendrick, Bruce ...

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