Bonum Certa Men Certa


Welcome to the Boycott Novell Wiki. Herein we mostly assemble work in progress. Ultimately, the plan is to have all the information organised hierarchically.

Please help organise and expand for publication.

Comes vs Microsoft

What we strive to accomplish with the help of others is a tidied-up accumulation of court exhibits. We can cross-reference various pages and create an introductory page for each exhibit that we deal with, inter-linking it to other related ones. Local copies of the PDFs will be added as well.

Dangerous Technology and Software

List all information about mono and other dangerous pieces of software.

Ways to Change

How to promote more ethics using Free software; How to avoid mono and Novell; Promoting new ways of developing software without the use of dangerous technology.

Index of Articles

This will be the main purpose of the Wiki. It has a very long way to go.

Maybe there will be a comprehensive storyline with references gluing together past posts. By profiling particular issues, concise summaries can be delivered.