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Paul Maritz: problems of open APIs

Category:Secret API Date: April 1995



From: paulma To: billg; chrisp; craigmu; davidv; mikemap; nathanm; rashid; rogerh; bradsi; jimail; pateh Subject: 3 year plan thoughts - draft Date: Wednesday, April 12, 1995 12:54 PM

BSD: Is executing on building out a set of Internet gateway tools - but currently is evangelizing these as having open APIs to the clients (eg. Netscape can write a client to use the gateway). While we can't take back what we have published, we do need to be thinking of ways we can advantage MS clients (see Internet discussion below)


Leading on from the above, we should get a view as to what will be handled by the "Win97" Shell and what will not - and if not. how is the needed extension integrated into the Win97 environment. What short-term things do we do before Win97 (eg. upgrade Ohare to handle DocObj)

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