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This page summarises posts about Portugal by linking to them.


  • Over 100 New Layoffs in Microsoft Portugal

  • 2013

  • United Kingdom Needs to Learn From Portugal How to Challenge Microsoft Procurement Corruption

  • 2012

  • Freiburg Should Use ODF Only, Just Like Portugal

  • 2010

  • Magalhães + Microsoft = Corruption
  • Microsoft Wins Patent Case, Spreads ‘Piracy’ Propaganda in Portugal and Possibly Helps Create ‘Intellectual Property’ Court

  • 2009

  • Silverlight/Microsoft Required for Public Procurement in Portugal
  • Portugal Stands Up Against Microsoft Corruption
  • Government of Portugal Ignores Procurement Rules and Gives Taxpayers’ Money to Microsoft
  • Russia Continues Migration to GNU/Linux in Government, Microsoft Creates New Prevention Measures
  • Jose Socrates Caves to His Friend Bill Gates and Gives up Portugal’s Digital Sovereignty
  • Microsoft Already Uses IDC Study it Paid for to Further Digitally Colonise India and Portugal

  • 2008

  • Open Letter to the Portuguese Ministry of Education
  • Microsoft’s Microsoft’s Magalhães Laptops Scam and OOXML Scandals in Portugal Associated with Fraud?
  • Microsoft CEO Might Try to Shoot Down Portugal’s Open Standards Bill
  • The Games Microsoft Plays in Portugal to Fight Free Software
  • Eye on Microsoft: Portugal Visit, Regrets, and Vista Lies

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