Potential DLL hell issues

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Date: 1999


From: Heikki Kanerva
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 1:06PM To: Billgates; Steve Ballmer; Biull Veighte: Bob Herbold; Brian 

Arbogast; Brian Deen; Brian Valentine; Chris Jones; David Cole; David Vaskevitch; Dennis Schnabel; Eirc Lockard; Erik Rudder; Frank Artale; J Allard; Jim Alchin; John Ludwig; Jonathan Kauffman; Mark Ledsome; Michael Halcoussis; Moshe Duine; Nathan Myhrvold; Partica Friel; Paul Gross; Paul MAitz; Pate Higgins; Thomas Reardon; Yaron Goland; Youval Neeman; Joe Belfiore; Bob Muglia; Rich Tong; Jeff Teper; Peggy Knudson; Paul Flessner

Subject: Office 2000 -- January PDL

.. Potential DLL hell issues caused by the several shared components shipped by Office 2000 where a new version of the component wil lbe available after Office 2000 ships ...


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