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Problems with rom-DRDOS 6.0 and win

Date: 1992



>From a-stevefF Sat Jan 11 14:24:04 1992 To: andyhi janineh Subject: BIG problems with rom-DRDOS 6.0 and Win Date: Sat Jan I1 15:54:29 1992

: I know this may not be a surprise, but what do you want me to tell this this guy? He seems to have a major problem. Thank!


Hi Steve,

: I have it hug, problem. : My Company has spent a _BIG_ sum to be able to burn DR, DOS into our Notebook ( touch screen ) computers’ bio’S, MicroSoft would not even _talk_ to us about doing that so we are stuck with our only option.

: I have so many problems running Windows on 6.0 DR DOS that it does’nt deserve a bug report, it won't get that far! We are couming on Windows for Pen computing, ( which run’s flawlesiy on DR 5.0 ) What can we ( I ) do?

: Windows does not recognise the EMM386 driver nor the IPX (novell) driver, I get 2 or 3 error numbers when it boots ( without any cache or memory drivers working ) And you we all I have to help me. : I need some help, : Marty

From davidcol Sun Jan 12 15:55:22 1992 To: bradsi Subject: FW: BIG problems with rom-DRDOS 6.0 and Win Cc: andyhi bradc janineh richt Date: Sun Jan 12 15:54:29 1992 Mail-Flags: 0000

: Bradsi, We need to get an answer posted for this guys asap I’d like to just tell him that he is SOL, but in nicer terms of course, I'll just clone all the postings you’ve already done on this. You OK with that.

: Bradc, who in OEM should this guy talk with about putting MS-DOS in ROM. We should just get them connected now.

From: bradsi Sun Jan 12 16:04:17 1992 Subject: Re: FW: problems with rom-DRDOS 6.0 and win ..

: ok, post a nice SOL msg. bottom line is that he needs msdos- something that is compatible with windows ...

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