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Resistance from WIN customers

Date: 1988



From: D-OEM From: Joachim Date: July 5 - 1988 RE: DOS 4 0 - US Sales Policy


Do not confuse the customer with Windows talk. We will try to "upgrade" NON-WIN customers in Q3 FY89 when WIN3.0 is real. Sell what you have. If there is resistance from WIN customers to take the shell for their 286 and 386 machines. I want to know about it. We might consider to sweeten the deal. But remember, IBM compatibility will mean to carry the shell.


MS is planning to implement an upgrade for MS - packaged goods customers only. This will be done in a low key fashion through advertising and fulfillment with proof of purchase requirements. This is done on a limited basis only and should NOT concern our OEMs. The price for the upgrade package will be approximately $60.

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