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SCP Microsoft 86-dos license agreement



COLA comments:

> Was that a DOS Microsoft bought out and buried? Cos I thought MSDOS was based on QDOS which was a ripoff of CP/M?

86-DOS was a renamed QDOS and yes it was a 'ripoff' of CP/M although not enough of one for Gary Kildall to garner any comfort.


This license agreement is made and entered into this 6th day of January, 1981, by and between SEATTLE COMPUTER PRODUCTS INC, a Washington Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SCP), and MICROSOFT, a Washington general partnership (hereinafter referred to as MS)

WHEREAS, MS desires to obtain non-exclusive rights to market the product defined in Paragraph 1, below ..


The product is a single-user disk operating system with utilities for the 8086 microprocessor which has the name "86-DOS" ..


(a) 86-DOS OBJECT CODE TO END USERS: This License Agreement conveys to MS the right to distribute 86-DOS in object code form only to an unlimited number of end users ..

(b) 86-DOS OBJECT CODE TO OEMS (NO PER COPY ROYALTY) .. a royalty of $10,000

(c) 86-DOS OBJECT CODE TO OEMS (WITH PER COPY ROYALTY) .. an initial fee of $1,000 plus a royalty of $25 for each copy of 86-DOS licensed ..

(d) 86-DOS OBJECT SOURCE CODE .. a royalty of $5,000



MS will pay SCP $10,000 upon signing of this agreement Payment of the initial fee described in Paragaph 2(c), above and royalties called for under this Agreement shall be due within 45 days of the date MS invoices their customer for the product for which the initial fee or royalty is due ..

(c) Nothing in this License Agreement shall require MS to identify its customers to SCP ..

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