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Sell through insurance with the OEMs

Date: December 1994



From: Brad Chase Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 1994 9:25 AM To: Carl Gulledge; David Williams (POSD) Cc: George Dowling; Joachim Kempin; Russel Slockdale Subject: RE: New Coupon offering

good comment, i want to run some numbers but this should work. I do think you can get a bit more than the std deal for the per system coupon.


Regarding you issues:

What if we get low penetration on the coupon?

Who cares, we get paid up front anyway. no interest here if they want to pay upon fulfillment only, that's what the per copy coupon is for.


The press will have a field day no doubt. "Greedy MS is doing another Coupon Gig!"


we don't care if the OEM's whine about being charged for product the end users may never use. This essentially is sell through insurance - They don't have to buy it. I pity those that don't

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