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SharePoint Reality Log

  • Very Large US Bank Finds Out That Sharepoint Fails, But Still Fails to Understand Freedom
  • Google Cracks SharePoint and Office Lock-in, Microsoft Still Morbidly Obsessed with GNU/Linux
  • Eye on Security: Windows 2003 Web Sites Defaced, SharePoint 2007 Suffers Zero-Day Vulnerability
  • Novell Cozies Up to Microsoft SharePoint
  • New Lock-ins Built Around Silverlight, OOXML, SharePoint and More
  • Novell is Still Promoting Microsoft SharePointâ„¢ and Silverlightâ„¢
  • Microsoft Migrations Without Approval
  • Microsoft Exploits Haiti Disaster (Again) to Market SharePoint
  • SharePoint Crashes
  • In Search of a New Cash Cow and Common Carrier