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SourceForge has been getting closer to Microsoft over the past decade or so, resulting in bias that can also be found at Slashdot. When the site got bought (taken over) from Dice, its new owner worked to improve its reputation. The stained legacy is described below.


  • Dice Holdings (Slashdot and SourceForge) Spreads More Microsoft Propaganda After the SourceForge Malware Scandal

  • 2013

  • #SourceForge and #Slashdot Are a Dangerous Trap

  • 2010

  • SourceForge Learns Not from Windows’ Failures and Even Hires from Microsoft

  • 2009

  • Oh Loh! SourceForge Buys Former Microsoft Employees

  • 2008

  • SourceForge and Windows
  • Microsoft@SourceForge and More Software Patents Poison
  • Microsoft Tries to Gradually Weave Together Its Codeplex and SourceForge
  • FUD Gauge Oscillates in Slashdot and SourceForge Again
  • Microsoft is SourceForge Awards’ Only Sponsor, Uses it to Spread FUD