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Steve Ballmer: I was enthustiac that we shipped OS/2




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In december, OS/2 shipped initially from IBM and very quickly on the heels from Zenith, and some other computer manufacturers. That was great, that was a quater early, that was a foundation piece. I'll talk more later about how I expect OS/2 sales to wrap up. It was very very impostant in order to prove the credibility of this next-generation platform, that we drive a stake in the ground and ship something. So I was super enthustiac that we shipped OS/2. We shipped it a quater early, and that was exciting.


In march, we shipped the first prerelease of OS/2 1.1 including the Presentation Manager .. The reaction to that prerelease has been good. People have been pleasantly suprised by the performance, though it's not perfect.


Whem we say open , we're talking about something that's just a little different. We're talking about software products that ate open in the sense that we document all the programmatic interfaces. All of the programmatic interfaces of DOS and OS/2 are documenteted interfaces.

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