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Steve Jobs: Amelio fucked up everything

Date: 1998



From: Ben Watdman Sent: Thursday, April 23, 1998 3:07 AM To: Eric Rudder Subject: F-W: Summary of meeting with Steve Jobs

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Yesterday, I and several others met with Steve Jobs and others at Apple for about 3 1/2 hours, primarily discussing two issues:


Later, however, in a smaller group, I asked Steve point blank if he’d ever believed in Rhapsody, and be said "no," adding something about his duty being to NeXT shareholders. (After that, we briefly discussed Amelio, and his book, and Steve said that Amelio "had fucked up everything he did, except hire Fred Andersoo as CFO." He said that if you looked at all of this year’s California graduating high school classes, anyone in the top 10% could have run Apple better than Amelio. I told him that I was amazed at 1) Amelio blaming his subordinates for problems and 2) his "appreciation" that BIIIG was "nice enough" to stay for a technical discussion held by subordinates after he and Gil had talked about general details).

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