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Not everyone thinks that Systemd is a threat to free software.

Some people think it is a weapon to destroy POSIX.

Others would just like the choice not to use it:

"The freedom to NOT run the software, to be free to avoid vendor lock-in through appropriate modularization/encapsulation and minimized dependencies; meaning any free software can be replaced with a user’s preferred alternatives (freedom 4)." - Peter Boughton's Fifth Freedom

People say that Systemd doesn't violate this freedom, that you have a choice. Developers have routinely bragged that you don't have a choice, then backpedaled and said you do.

Regardless, Systemd keeps showing up where people are fighting to keep it out. It is owned by the monopoly that taught Microsoft how to fight freedom. It is hosted on servers that are owned by the company most historically devoted to crushing freedom and choice.

So it's only fair to warn you about this encroachment on GNU/Linux distros, and BSD.

Green Light: Keeping up the fight


  • A fair number of longtime Puppy fans seem to find Antix.

  • Devuan

  • You can't say they've failed as long as DFSG author/2nd ever DPL Bruce Perens uses it. But it isn't a fork.

  • Gentoo

  • Gentoo remains committed to choice and modularity.

  • Knoppix

  • Knoppix abandoned systemd in 2019.

  • MX

  • Maybe the only distro with the right to say without irony: "systemd is optional."

  • Void Linux

  • Void does an excellent job of keeping out systemd.

  • Yellow Light: Something doesn't look right

    Easy OS

  • Easy OS Buster has to install systemd even though it is "inactive" because it is a "[dependency] of many apps."

  • Puppy Linux

  • Slacko and The Ubuntu pups traditionally keep systemd out just fine. Puppy is in this section to warn you that systemd-udev is in testing.

  • Simplicity Linux

  • Distrowatch lists the latest version (still alpha) as having systemd.

  • Venenux

  • Venenux is Debian-based, and information about it is confusing, conflicting and tedious to find. The latest download as of the last couple weeks of 2019 includes systemd in abundance, which is no good sign for the future of this distro.

  • Red Light: Systemd is a blight


  • It's new and shiny, of course it's taken over Arch.

  • Archman

  • Based on Arch, has the same init. (Not every Arch-based distro does though.)

  • Debian

  • Today, FreeDesktop's farcical definition of what "init" means will probably become a matter of Debian Policy, great...

  • Pirate OS

  • Based on openSUSE, uses systemd.

  • SparkyLinux

  • Based on Debian, uses systemd.

  • Trisquel

  • If there isn't a working version of Upstart in the repos, Trisquel is half a distro.

  • Zorin OS

  • Zorin OS uses systemd.

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