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Just want to throw my vote out there for Zim. I used to use Tomboy (I know...) back when I first got into Ubuntu. When I switched over to Trisquel (which of course is free of Mono) I migrated over to Gnote.

I just recently migrated my Tomboy/Gnote notes to Zim. While zim lacks some formatting features of Tomboy, I find it makes up for it in its versatility. For one, Zim notes are stored as plaintext in the filesystem instead of Tomboy's weird XML format. Zim also recognizes subfolders of notebooks. Zim is written in a truly Free language (Perl) instead of C#. Tomboy notes can be converted to Zim notes with this python script.

Adrian Malacoda 23:20, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

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