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Already published

--Schestowitz 03:17, 28 May 2011 (UTC)

What Has Happened to The Guardian

Summary: Traditionally a progressive publication with guts, The Guardian has softened after receiving money from Bill Gates and it now provides a platform for the software patents lobby

<a name="top">"P</a>atent lawyer argues for USA style software patents laws for Britain," warns Satipera about <a href="" title="UK to foster the next Google? Sorry, we haven't got an app for that">this new article</a>. "All the same old false claims, good only for patent lawyers," he continues. What is the Gates-funded Guardian such unpopular opinions recently? Last week it published a piece from a lobbyist against open standards (or patent-encumbered ones) and not so long ago it also gave a platform to Microsoft Florian, whose agenda is similar. They let him write entire articles there. Where is the criticism of Gates' patent monopolies . It seems to have vanished when Gates them some money to keep silent and self-censor. The Guardian became a ruling class guardian rather than watchdog press when it accepted the money [[cref 39167 1], [cref 39841 2], [cref 39841 3]] (it could declien politely, but it did not) which made it part of the corporate press. Will they also accept money from BP?

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