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The Guardian fails

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--User:Schestowitz|Schestowitz 03:17, 28 May 2011 (UTC)

What Has Happened to The Guardian

Summary: Traditionally a progressive publication with guts, The Guardian has softened after receiving money from Bill Gates and it now provides a platform for the software patents lobby

"Patent lawyer argues for USA style software patents laws for Britain," warns Satipera about this new article. "All the same old false claims, good only for patent lawyers," he continues. What is the Gates-funded Guardian such unpopular opinions recently? Last week it published a piece from a lobbyist against open standards (or patent-encumbered ones) and not so long ago it also gave a platform to Microsoft Florian, whose agenda is similar. They let him write entire articles there. Where is the criticism of Gates' patent monopolies . It seems to have vanished when Gates them some money to keep silent and self-censor. The Guardian became a ruling class guardian rather than watchdog press when it accepted the money [[cref 39167 1], [cref 39841 2], [cref 39841 3]] (it could declien politely, but it did not) which made it part of the corporate press. Will they also accept money from BP?