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The Netware Microsoft relationship

Date: August 1993



To: Jan Newman From: Bob Ross Date: 8/17/93

RE: The Novell/Microsoft Relationship with regards to the developement of a NetWare Client for Windows NT ..

When we received the build, we recompiled our code and found that it would not work. We found that some changes were made to the redirector interfaces and the structure and that significant changes were made to to TDI interface. We had to discover each of the changes for our selves and then call Microsoft and point out where it had changed in order to receive each of the pieces of information from them .. This process tool a great deal of time. We lost almost 2 months of development time on the FCS release from this ..

Build 473 did not arrive when promised, but rather came to us about 3 weeks late (and 1 week after the production disk went to developers from Microsoft). The promised documentation that would explain what had been changed in this build consisted of a list of E-Mail messages between Microsoft engineers ..

Monday July 26, 1993 Microsoft went to manufacturing with the golden version of Windows NT .. We were told that our copy should arrive no later than Thursday 7/29

Friday July 30, 1993 Microsoft said that our developer copy had just gone out.

Tuesday August 3, 1993 We received our copy today, more than a week after it had been sent to customers. Microsoft told us that the delay was because the development code .. no longer fit on a single CD-ROM disk and it took them more time to work out compressing it ...

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