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The superiority of PM on OS/2

Date: August 1988



To: Steve Ballmer From: Adrian King Cc: Bill Gates; MArk MAckaman; Mike Maples; Cameron; Myrthvold; Gabe Newwell; Russ Werner Date: August 22nd, 1988

: OS/2 is going to take longer to succeed than expected

: OS/2 will be very successfully with the Windows ISVs almost immediately . I do not think we are endangered here. I think they can post much faster than we could provide compatibility. They have to have a cross environment strategy anyway in order to support the Mac.

: We could make UNIX interesting to people by delivering a crummy PM or by delivering a goos PM?X. The currently favored PM?X proposal (same look and feel, different API) is also very confusing. Does this say we think the X-Windows API is good? Does it say we think the PM API is bad? If PM/X servers to delay UNIX GUI then its a good thing, otherwise it could be damaging to the PM sell.

: We all believe that fundamentally OS/2 with PM really is a better platform for superior business applications: 16Nb memory, a real task scheduler, good swapping algorithms, no expanded/extended memory weirdness ... but these factors must be combined to demonstrate the overall superiority of the platform .. I think we need to push the ISVs toward PM in order to demonstrate the superiority of the environment. An opportunity for the ISV to delay will simply further delay the acceptance of PM ..

: I think we need to think very carefully about how much we want Windows to compete with OS/2 in the OEM channel and for the ISVs attention. The strains that show in our strategy now are temporary, and should not allow us to lose sight of the goal of making OS/2 the next generation operating system as quickly as possible ..

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