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The way to shut out Novell

Date: January 1994



From: Brad Silverberg To: Joachim Kempin Cc: Brad Chase Subject: RE: Windows base and premium Date: Thursday, January 06, 1994 10:27 AM

:.. if we are too rude in base then oems may either stick with win3.1/msdos or defect to os/2.

:the way to shut out novell in the base is to either ship a full client or make it so there is no network connectivity.

From: Joachim Kempin To: billg; bradsi; mikemap; paulma; steveb cc: joachimk; stevesi Subject: RE: Windows base and premium Date: Thursday, January 06, 1994 9:41 AM

.. In particular in the area of WfW kind connectivity we will face stiff competition from NOVELL and Prob, OS/2 by then ..

From: Bill Gates To: Brad Silverberg; Joachim Kempin; Mike Maples; Paul Maritz; Steve Ballmer Cc: Steven Sinofsky Subject: Windows base and premium Date: Sunday, December 26, 1993 3:16 PM

:I think I am thinking of base as more limited than anyone else. I admit it causes potential problems with our compaq deal but there is a way to handle that by creating: base + some stuff is what compaq gets but that is less then premium so they can have something funny that no one else have or they can pay less and just get base or they can pay a little more and get premium.

:I think base has the following things:

:a. You can't add fonts. RUDE :b. You can't change screen driver. MAY BE OK :c. Some capacity constraints. Noticable - like 2 apps only or 8 meg. WILL MAKE ENDUSERS MOST ANGRY, AND OPEN OS/2 OPPORTUNITIES. :d. NO networking or connectivity. FIND RIGHT BALANCE :e. Some speed limits that are noticeable. AS LONG AS BASE = WFW AND PREMIUM GOES BEYOND WE CAN DO. :f. Only the most basic applets. AGREED.

:Base is base. It is a lot better than DOS and it is NOT as good as Win:

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