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PC Week, November 26, 1990 LOAD-DATE: August 18, 1995

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November 5, 1990



To the Editor:

This is in response to your Oct. 22 story alleging that Microsoft released information about upcoming Microsoft MS-DOS verson 5.0 in an attempt to create fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding DRI's Digital Research Inc.'s DR DOS 5.0

The feature enhancements of MS-DOS verson 5.0 were decided and development was begun long before we heard about MS-DOS verson 5.0. There will be some similar features. With 50 Million MS-DOS users. It shouldn't be surprising that DRI has heard some of the same requests from customers that we have. There will also be significant features unique to Microsoft MS-DOS version 5.0.

As for the timing of the leaks, it was not an orchestrated Microsoft plan nor did the leaks come from Microsoft. In the past, users expressed frustration when we neither acknowledged that a new product was in development nor gave a sense of direction for the release. Thus, to serve our customers better, we decided to be more forthcoming about version 5.0.

Brad Silverberg

Vice President, Systems Software

General Manager

'I am also planning to hire an independent DOS gure to do an in-depth comparative analysis of MS vs. DR DOS, with the idea of somehow making those results available to the press', Russ werner April 1989

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