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Your typical FOSS nerd, living in Bochum in the deep west of Germany. My function on this wiki is to maintain the German localization.

Track record:

  • FOSS user since 1998, Linux-only user since March 2006.
  • C++ and Python coder, also good in human-spoken languages (German, English, Latin, a bit of Spanish).
  • Debugging of, cleaning up of codebase, and adding of innovative features/algorithms to a 3D role playing game (codebase 120000 SLOC, mostly C++).
  • Low-level OpenGL programming for said game.
  • Maintaining of the German localization of said game.
  • Adding of a realistic AI to said game, using a self-developed approach of a weighted decision matrix with a small amount of randomness.
  • Maintaining the community wiki for said game.
  • Dropping out of the game team due to exhaustion.
  • Contributing translations to Launchpad.
  • Karma whore on Slashdot.
  • Active commenter on many major FOSS related news sites.

What I still want to do:

  • An internship in a FOSS-friendly company (maybe IBM).
  • An internship in an embedded systems company.
  • Run a "green" full-featured Linux workstation on something that is not x86 based (preferably a smartbook or a Beagle Board).
  • Get a motorcycle again, drop out for a few months and tour most of Europe in that time.
  • Climb a big mountain.
  • Kill Flash with a big shoulder-mounted gun and replace it with standards-friendly SVG+ECMAScript.
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