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Visio file format policy

Category:File Formats Date: 2000



- Original Message - From: Marc Olson Sent: Monday, May 22, 2000 7:48 AM To: Tim Davenport Cc: Erich Andersen (LCA) Subject: RE: Visio file format

Hi, Tim,

We've recently changed the policy for distributing our file formats, at the the request of BillG. We used to be fairly lax about giving it out to pretty much everyone who asked for it)Excel even published a book through MS press).

Our new policy (for Office2000) is that there are restrictions on use (can't build converers, can't be a competitor to any of the apps, etc). We required a signed license agreement in hand before we'll send them the docs. They have to tell us who they are and what their company does, as well as their intended use.

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Once we get a copy of the signed agreement back, I sign for Microsoft, and we send them back a hard copy of the agreement via snail mail, and send them the docs via email.

- Original Message - From: Tim Davenport Sent: Monday, May 15, 2000 4:14 PM To: Office File Format Request Subject: RE: Visio file format


As you may know, Visio is now a Microsoft product. We recently completed the documentation of the Visio file format and we want to distribute it in the same manner as the Office docs are distributed. I know that there is a age on the MSDN that tells requestors to e-mail this alias to aks ofr the Office documentation. Do you require that they supply you with the details of what they plan to do with it? Do you make them sign any kind of agreement? Is th documentation stanped with @Microsofot Confidential@?

Thanks for any information you can provide me

Tim Davenport (Timda) Program Manager Visio

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