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When Even Paul Thurrott Complains About Windows, Something is Terribly Wrong

--Schestowitz 16:42, 12 January 2011 (UTC)


<a name="top">"I</a>t's stupid," says Microsoft's booster Paul Thurrott about <a href="" title="Vista 7 Reality Log"> Vista 7</a> for tablet computing, claims Fab from the Linux Outlaws show. Is this a moment of honesty from this Microsoft marketing dunce? Let us hope so. As we [cref 43839 pointed out the other day], even longtime boosters of Microsoft are withdrawing their votes of confidence.

Paul Thurrott has also been complaining about how Vista Phony 7 [sic] has a <a href="" title="Does Windows Phone 7 Have a Data Transmission Bug?">transmission bug</a> which ends up being very costly for users. His rant has been discussed on Slashdot and is summarized thusly:

Microsoft commentator and Windows Phone 7 Expert Paul Thurrott has reported a serious bug that indicates Windows Phone 7 is uploading up to 50 MB of unidentified data every day. The phone operating system apparently ignores Wi-Fi connections for sending this data, leading some Windows Phone 7 owners hitting their 2 GB plan data limit while doing little more than checking email and social networking sites.

OpenBytes <a href="" title="Windows Phone 7 gorges on your data limit? – More trouble ahead for WP7?">has commented about it as well (Windows Phone 7 gorges on your data limit?)</a> and came to the following conclusion:

Just like the real WP7 sales figures, Microsoft is yet to comment. I’d suggest to Microsoft that if this allegation is true then they better start to find more Android phones to skim some profit from, if the WP7 has this type of issue now, it could be the final nail in the coffin for the phone and with it, Microsoft’s hopes of ever cracking the Smartphone market.

MSBBC <a href="" title="Microsoft investigates 'phantom' Windows Phone 7 data">has released Microsoft's response</a>:

Microsoft has told BBC News that it is investigating why some handsets running its Windows Phone 7 software are sending and receiving "phantom data". Several net forums detail complaints from people that say their phones are automatically eating into their monthly data plans without their knowledge. Some have complained that their phone sends "between 30 and 50MB of data" every day; an amount that would eat into a 1GB allowance in 20 days.

It is a rarity to see the MSBBC actually use the word "Windows" in relation to any sort of Windows-related issue. Fortunately, Microsoft doesn't have any sort of monopoly on smart phones, so they can not distort the public with a "a Windows problem is a PC problem routine"-style routine. They would look rather silly if they actually tried to.

This is a subject which we discussed in Episode 25 of TechBytes as well. <a href="#top">█</a>

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