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Withhold win95 beta in retaliation for lawsuit

Date: December 1994



From: Brad Silverberg [ITG/OXYGEN/bradsi] Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 1994 2:24 PM Cc: Joachim Kempin Subject: RE: Apple and Win95

there is a lawsuit from them too over some code that a contractor developed from apple for windows. apple alleges that the same contractor wrote code for intel that intel included in its dci that infringes on apple's copyrights. intel gave us the code for inclusion in video for windows. apple's suit has thus dragged both us and intel in, and their complaint asks for the vfw source; and they are alleging win95 is effected too (though we don't use intel's dci code in win95, we use our own).

so as long as they continue such attacks on us, i cannot give them win95 beta, they are NOT just another oem.


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