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WordPerfect is a victim of Microsoft's anti-competitive behaviour. Listed below are pages that offer evidence and also some posts that touch the subject.


  • Novell Repeats Mistakes of WordPerfect, This Time with Mono
  • Novell GroupWise Dumped, What About WordPerfect?
  • Death of Novell and Legacy That Remains
  • Novell’s Case Shows Antitrust Violations by Microsoft
  • Novell News Summary – Part III: WordPerfect Changes Hands Again, SCO Case Updates, and More
  • Switcher tactics and WordPerfect
  • Understanding WordPerfect
  • Novell to Pursue Justice Over Microsoft Abuses in the Office Suites Market
  • WordPerfect is impressive
  • Bill Gates Lies to the Court to Dodge Competition Rules Violations
  • Lotus and WordPerfect mis-stepped on DOS
  • Quick Mention: Novell’s WordPerfect Lawsuit Against Microsoft Resurfaces
  • Novell’s Takeover Smells Ever More Dodgy as Wizard Parent LLC Provides Shady Financing
  • The WordPerfect Lawsuit and the Abused Wife Called Novell
  • Court Pardons Microsoft for Antitrust Violations
  • Attachmate’s Obscurity and Novell’s Continued Demise
  • Legal Action Against Microsoft the Last of Novell’s Relevance
  • The Old Novell Sheds Light on Microsoft Abuses