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WordPerfect is impressive

Date: May 1997



From Steven Sinofsky Sent: Thursday, May 15, 1997 10:06 PM To: Bill Gates Cc: Jon DeVaan Subject: RE: Corel 8 in-depth

WordPerfect is impressive. The performance is pretty good as well (we'll test when they ship). I'm worried a lot about this since the retail Corel purchasers are totally buying the suite for WP (they stil leven have a stand-alone WP setup on the CD along with the suite setup) ..

The HTML-mode is also interesting. We do hope to avoid that modal state, but it does resonate ..

From: Bill Gates Sent: Thurdsay, May 15, 1997 9:55 PM To: Steven Sinofsky Cc: Jon DeVann Subject: RE: Corel 8 in-depth

They definitly got a lot done given how small their R&D team is. More than I would have expected.

.... Original Message ..... From: Steven Sinofsky Sent: Thursday, May 15, 1997 12:49 AM To: Bill Gates; Aaron Contorer Subject: FW: Corel 8 in-depth Importance: Low

This is from a product manager and has some of the basic information about their feature set.

Original Message---- From: Marshall Moseley Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 1997 4:59 PM To: DAD Marketing Group; WordPerfect Issues Core Team; Office Technical Field Discussion Subject: Corel 8 in-depth

Sorry for the duplicate sends.

The document below drills down on the new features in WordPerfect Suite 8 product and in the suite itself. This is not a customer ready document and should not go outside of the company ...

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