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Yet more undocumented API calls

Date: March 1997



Ryan Rlchards - Problems with Microsoft continue ........... Page 1 From: Rob Steele To: Frank Nutt Date: 3/10/97 5:21PM Subject: Problems with Microsoft continue...


I appreciate your help in getting the image of "Memphis" (Windows 97) code. We understand that selected sites have received "Nashville" (Internet Explorer 4.0) which was supposed to be in Windows 97. It is critical that we get this code as other developers have. We need to test our GroupWise WebSight integration and other program interaction areas.

Also, the other issue we spoke of still looms heavily. It is the one where the new MAPI32.DLL that is deployed as part of Office 97 breaks GroupWise 5 operation. There are now "required" calls/properties that are not documented as such therefore we are at the mercy of the Developer support line. They have very limited assistance verbally and no written documentation on the changes. For for a product API standard, we should have had these changes spec’d out for us long before they ship it. These calls have been customized and tailored to Outlook and force us to do the same.., which we would do if were knew the extent or specifics of the changes.

Also, our developers had to call the Word 97 Developer support for assistance with some integration problems only to find out (verbally) about two new registry entries that had been created and must be set for things to operate successfully. Again, no documentation on these calls.

Any contact with a MAPI or Windows Messaging member of management so that we could get this resolved would be appreciated .... and as soon as possible as we have a "broken" solution out there as we speak.


Rob Steele Product Line Manager Novell GroupWare Division CC: Ed McGarr, Eldon Greenwood, John Galley, Paul Smart, Stewart Nelson NWA 000197

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