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Vista Phony 7 is Broken, Cracked

--Schestowitz 22:02, 12 January 2011 (UTC)

Vista Phony 7 is Broken, Cracked

Co-authored with G. Forbes

Summary: Vista Phony 7 [sic], Microsoft's latest platform for mobile devices, has serious new deficiencies

<a name="top">M</a>ICROSOFT RUSHED Vista Phone 7, its ridiculous cross-vendor response to Android, some while ago. It had also been intended to compete with the Blackberry and hypePhone, controlled solely by RIM and Apple respectively. Signs of VP7's immaturity continue to show, with<a href="" title="Microsoft says you can only install 15 push enabled apps on Windows Phone 7 [World Freaks Out]">this critical bug being reported</a>: "Someone found out the hard way what happens when you install more than 15 applications that use the push notification system in Windows Phone 7. To put it bluntly: it stops working."

When it comes to application sales, <a href="" title="Microsoft adjusts mobile dev payout dates">Microsoft cannot realize just how badly they did with the tiny userbase</a>. Pouring salt on these wounds, the <a href="" title="Windows Phone Marketplace DRM Cracked">Windows Phone Marketplace DRM has been cracked anyway</a> (more <a href="" title="DRM on Win Phone 7 Marketplace hacked">here</a>):

"WPCentral has been given a proof of concept which shows them breaking through WP7 Marketplace’s DRM. The weakness has apparently been known to developers for some time, and WPCentral has given the information to Microsoft, and are working to patch the hole."

Microsoft has quickly become a <a href="" title="What will we buy?">laughing stock</a> in the area of smart phone software. Mediocre security is indicative of substandard programming, and with this <a href="" title="WP7 app DRM hacker posts partial solution to own hack">DRM proof-of-concept crack</a>, a solution has already arrived from the outside:

Tobias, the white hat hacker who recently revealed a proof-of-concept crack for the copy protection on Windows Phone 7 apps has taken steps to develop a solution for his own hack. His FreeMarketplace code (only 65.5kb in size) took only about 6 hours to develop, but in the process demonstrated how easily the Microsoft’s app DRM copy-protection for WP7 could be stripped. The crack was not intended to harm the WP7 Marketplace, but was intended as a critique of Microsoft’s seemingly lax security. To help protect developers in the interim, while Microsoft develops its own solution, Tobias has posted code that developers can deploy in their apps to help protect them from piracy.

Nick Farrell <a href="" title="Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 apps get hacked">explains</a> that this "software exploits a flaw in raw installation packages or "XAP" files, which means they can be freely downloaded. This works because the Zune client software downloads XML files with all the package locations to enable application browsing and installation, and both the XML and XAP files are served without restriction." Microsoft has had problems with managing operating system permissions for a long, long time. <a href="#top">█</a>

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