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.NET and Silver Lie Pushed Into GNU/Linux by Microsoft MVPs and FUD Spreaders (About Linux)AARDA Stuxnet admission
A good tactic to tie java developers to windowsA unique competitive advantage by controlling API, apps and systemsAcacia
Allchin: make sure DR-DOS has problems in the futureAmazonAmstrad MS License Agreement
Analysing the Mac to innovate WindowsAnalyst GroupsAndrei Iancu
AndroidAntitrustAntónio Campinos
ApacheAppleApple's Dark Side
Apple - Dead Divisions or ProductsApple CEO is Leaving AgainApple Deception
Apple Helping MicrosoftApple Versus PartnersApple disappoints
Apple hypePad and DRM FailureApple on Software PatentsApple under fire for apathy in the face of patent trolls it fed
Apple vs HTCArabicArch Linux
Articles About MicrosoftArticles About Microsoft - Part 1Articles About Microsoft - Part 2
Articles About Microsoft - Part 3Articles About Microsoft - Part 4Articles About Microsoft - Part 5
Articles PortalArticles indexAssociation for Competitive Technology
AstroTurfingAthena and shell extensionAttachMSFT and Novell - Need for Loan
Avadis Tevanian to Bill Gates: IE4 disables QuicktimeAvoid producing lowest common denominator productAzure Reality Log
BBCBECTABECTA and Security in Schools
Bad Microsoft tag may have affected prospective business partnersBeOSBen Slivka: how do we wrest control of Java away from Sun
Benoît BattistelliBest BuyBill Gates
Bill Gates: "We should look at even patenting the things we do add to help Office."Bill Gates: An ISV that writes to COR is just f*ckedBill Gates: Ensuring Trident does not "commoditize our Office editing asset"
Bill Gates: I am hardcore on not supporting Suns JavaBill Gates: OS/2 the next standard in personal computingBill Gates: The "inetarnet" will destroy our power
Bill Gates: an ISV that writes to COR is just f*ckedBill Gates: don't underestimate an OPEN InternetBill Gates: how Intel screwed us
Bill Gates makes Apple an offer they can't refuseBill Gates on COM+ and UNIXBill Gates on Microsoft collaboration - Extend IE
Bill Gates on how to cause a Java schismBill Gates on making IE and ISS work better togetherBill Gates on the JAVA crisis
Bill Gates to Micrografx: get reasonableBill HilfBilski Case
Bing Reality LogBlack DuckBlackberry
BlackboardBlasted for APIs documentBorland
Brad SilverbergBrad Silverberg: winning the Internet platform battleBrazil
Bristows LLPBusiness Software AllianceCBS
Call Out WindowsCancel Mac Office 97 will immediately harm AppleCanonical
CentrifyCharlie McCreevyChristian Archambeau
Christoph ErnstCitrixComScore
Comes - January 12, 2007Comes request access to class membersComes vs Microsoft
Commenting PolicyCommon Netscape/Corel attack groupCommon Troll Tactics
Companies That Harm Software FreedomCompanies That Lost GNU/Linux Focus After Microsoft DealsCompaq
Compaq Microsoft selected source agreementCompaq amended OEM contractCompaq and Microsoft frontLine partnership
Compaq going to bundle OS/2 - badCompaq on partnering with MicrosoftComparing MS-DOS and DR-DOS
Competitive analysis of Lotus Notes/Domino R5Computing Technology Industry AssociationConsumer Watchdog
Contain the UNIX threat - "We should make sure the Unix focus includes Linux"Content AggregatorCorel
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC)DOSDRI
DRI: why are our sales reps recommending MS-DOSDRI Areas to ExploreDRI Confidential
DRMDavid KapposDecline in Microsoft/Gateway relationship
Deferred use of DR-DOSDellDell Phone Delays
DevelopmentDevelopment of a Learning OS/2 productDisplay alien Dos message function
Divorce is inevitableDoJ vs MicrosoftDominion Harbor
Don't let Intel dictate on the NetPCDon't let Intel mention the NetPCDon't let OEMs interject themselves into the customer boot experience
Don't let the big manufacturers off the per system hookDreamspark Reality LogDrones list
Elliott AssociatesElodie BergotEmbrace our UI innovations
Employee assigned to GO CorpEnabling Exchange through detailed anaysis of Notes/Domino and DECS, IBM threat to Knowledge Workers
EspañolEstablishing OS/2 as the dominant workstation standardExcel strawman redacted
FTCFUD as an official business tactic in 1990, to combat DR-DOSFacebook
Fake Phone ShortagesFinjanFinland
Florian MüllerForked tongues at RedmondForrester
FrancaisFranceFrancis Gurry
Free Software FoundationFrench Android TaxFriends don't let friends use real
Fxxk HP (all divisions)GNU/LinuxGNU/Linux Market Share
GO Corp and the confidential demoGO CorporationGartner Group
Gates Foundation CritiqueGatewayGerman
GermanyGetting Lotus to bundle to half profitsGlaubwürdigkeits-Index
Go Corp nondisclosure agreementGoldman SachsHTC
HTC Patent CasesHTaccessHarassing OEMs and getting our hands on DRI Jaguar
Hardware/OEMHave Bambi refuse to run on this alien OSHebrew
HindiHistoryHistory of the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Hotmail Reality LogHow Corel relates to our OEM contract with GatewayHow Microsoft Lobbies
How Windows is used to suppress activistsHow to bypass the legal sniff test with volume pricingHow to get a grab of Netscape's revenues
How to keep Netscape from sabotaging our protocol extensionsHow to transition OEM without looking badHrvatski
HungaryHypePad WatchHyper-V Reality Log
I4i vs MicrosoftIAMIBM
IBM's software ambitionsIBM ArchiveIBM Confidential Java Strategy Update
IBM Microsoft Joint Development AgreementIBM Microsoft agreementIBM on Microsoft Lock-in
IBM on designated systemsIDCIDG
Ignition PartnersInnovating Norton DesktopIntegrated Web capabilities
IntelIntel Crimes and OffencesIntellectual Ventures
Interesting Tweets During AbsenteeismInternet Service ProvidersInterval
Is Facebook Turning Into a Scammer's Paradise?Isolate the dangerous four (Joachim Kempin)Items that require exploring
IxonosJ. Michael to Bill Gates: port Windows app to OS/2Jan Van Den Beld
Java RedactedJay WalkerJeff Jaffe
Jesper KongstadJim Allchin: Losing a FranchiseJim Allchin: piss on Java
Jim ZemlinJoachim KempinJohn Dragoon
JuveKaty Perry vs MicrosoftKeep the formats closed
Keeping IBM out of the OEMsKempin: Compaq truely pisses me offKempin: OS/2 is still alive
Kempin: we need a hit team to attack IBMKey platform challenges from Java and NCKill GeoView
Kill Limulator competitorsKill Lotus StrategyKinect vs Move and Truth
KodakLGLaunch ceremony of Windows XP
Legal risks of using undocumented APILessons learned from Blue JanusLibreOffice Document Foundation and OOXML
Librethreat DatabaseLikewiseLinus Torvalds
Linux FoundationLinux Foundation ArchivesList of Microsoft Sins
List of Microsoft Staff AliasesLista Microsoft grehovaLotus Exhibits
Lotus Notes a major threatLotus and WordPerfect mis-stepped on DOSLying "garbage from" Micrografx (1989)
Lying to ISVs about the secret API extensionsMOSAIDMPEG-LA
MagyarMain PageMake sure DR-DOS has problems
Making IShellBrowser internal; "intentionally break those apps"Making Microsoft MAPI not work with GroupWiseMaking Outlook not work with GroupWise
MalaysiaMarshall Goldberg: the IBM trojan horse and the PC CompanyMartin Goetz
Michel BarnierMicrografxMicrografx a shoe-in (1989)
MicrosoftMicrosoft's Allchin: we need to slaughter NovellMicrosoft-Compaq OEM license agreement
Microsoft: OEMS are our delivery peopleMicrosoft: developers are a one-night standMicrosoft: don't mention putting the browser in the OS
Microsoft: let's clone NetscapeMicrosoft: the Office clubMicrosoft "undocumentation"
Microsoft 'quality control'Microsoft (German)Microsoft - Consumer Hardware
Microsoft - Dead Divisions or ProductsMicrosoft - FinancialsMicrosoft - GitHub
Microsoft - LayoffsMicrosoft - LegalMicrosoft - Major Departure
Microsoft - OfficeMicrosoft - Offshoring and VisasMicrosoft - Sweatshops
Microsoft - TaxMicrosoft - WindowsMicrosoft Confidential (on OEMs)
Microsoft Drones examplesMicrosoft ELMSMicrosoft Executives in Intel and Nokia
Microsoft Go Corp joint projectMicrosoft Hijack of YahooMicrosoft Internal OEM Price Guideline
Microsoft Internet innovationsMicrosoft Interoffice MemorandumMicrosoft OS & Digital Video Platform Update
Microsoft PR AgenciesMicrosoft Quotes on Free SoftwareMicrosoft Reality Log
Microsoft Retribution against individuals and organisationsMicrosoft SUSE and OpenSUSEMicrosoft Talks About Public Image, Strategy
Microsoft Technical EvangelistsMicrosoft Windows is Liked by CensorsMicrosoft abandoned their OS/2 customers
Microsoft access to Novell’s SuperLabMicrosoft and FOSS in ItalyMicrosoft and counterfeiting
Microsoft and the NSAMicrosoft and the looming software quality crisisMicrosoft and the quasi-partner
Microsoft and the release threadmillMicrosoft and the secret shopper programMicrosoft and the sforzando Lotus attack plan
Microsoft attends the 1989 IBM PS/2 forumMicrosoft behaving badlyMicrosoft claims that NDS on NT is reverse engineered
Microsoft controls IBM's destinyMicrosoft developers used undocumented APIsMicrosoft forgets to invite Lotus to OLE preview
Microsoft in ChinaMicrosoft in IndiaMicrosoft in Japan
Microsoft in JordanMicrosoft in RussiaMicrosoft in Turkey
Microsoft in VietnamMicrosoft in the PhilippinesMicrosoft influence in Asia
Microsoft influence in EuropeMicrosoft influence in the Indian governmentMicrosoft influence in the United States government
Microsoft is threatening our channelMicrosoft offered money to companies to destroy Lotus disksMicrosoft on attacking the counterfeiting of MS-DOS ..
Microsoft on feeding press with DR-DOS bugsMicrosoft on fighting the Java infestationMicrosoft on leveraging ISPs
Microsoft on owning it all - Managing the Microsoft Image for Public and Political AcceptanceMicrosoft on the dangers of a web-centric desktopMicrosoft partners with GO Corporation
Microsoft propagates lies about NDSMicrosoft recommends AppleMicrosoft terminates Sun's Java license
Microsoft to Apple: stop OEM-ing ClarisWorksMicrosoft to Apple: why not adopt ASFMicrosoft to Netscape: try our 800 number
Microsoft vs AndroidMicrosoft working with GOMicrosofts Sünden
Miguel de IcazaMisija - HrvatskiMission
Mission - FrancaisMonoMono Applications
Mono appeals for funds to start a new companyMono futureMononono
Monsanto and GMO via AGRAMoonlightMosiac: you guys are going to f*ck us eventually
Most ugly garbage since COM/OLEMotorolaMutually agree to do exactly what I tell them
NC (NetPC) attack planNDS lies propagated by MicrosoftNDS on NT - Microsoft's Story
NHSNathan Myhrvold: Internet strategyNederlands
Nellie SimonNeonNetPC
NetscapeNetscape challenges Microsoft lead on the InternetNetscape on the SDK
Netware/NovellNew Interactive Media Group PLGNew York Times
Nicolas SarkozyNo Chinese wall at MicrosoftNo protected mode spec for Lotus
NokiaNon-tested DOS warning codeNon-tested DOS warning code - 2
NortelNot letting the big manufacturers off the per system hookNot using internal APIs
NovellNovell: Microsoft refused to fix bugsNovell: where have the header files gone
Novell interface guidelinesNovell to Microsoft: help MAPI has stopped workingOEM's are resisting
OEM hit listOLPCOS/2 Crush Plan
OS/2 Windows comparisonOffice SuitesOffice Works & Home Essentials Revenues & Licenses
Office gets a shell optimized for its useOhlohOn closing the DEC rat holes and Borland hacking the applause-o-meter
OpenLogicOpenSUSE is fading awayOpenSUSE slowdown
OpenTextOpen Source InitiativeOptimize load times for Office
OracleOur Chinese wall never existedOur OS /2 and a new deal for IBM
Our spy at IBMOutercurveOverview
PR Takes Over MindsPTABPatent Apologists
Patent Trolls Connected to MicrosoftPatenting looholesPatents Portal
Paul Maritz: problems of open APIsPeople who edit Wikipedia for MicrosoftPetition - Part II
Petition text - overviewPhone DRM CrackedPitching OS/2 FUD to the Press
Plamondon on schmoozing the Computing SocietyPlans for organisationPortugal
PortuguesPossible TechBytes GuestsPotential DLL hell issues
Problems at Digital ResearchProblems with rom-DRDOS 6.0 and winProtecode
Purpose of the AARD codePythonQualcomm
Quarterly minimum commitmentsQuickTimeRPX
Raimund LutzRay NiroRe-code MS applications for OS/2
RealNetworksRed HatRedacted undocumentated APIs
Redocumenting the undocumented shell extensionsRemoving Mono from Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric OcelotRequires sorting
Resistance from WIN customersRestricted DRI reportRichard Stallman
Richard Stallman interviews in Techrights/TechBytesRomanaRon Hovsepian
S/MORGs (small/medium-sized orgs) and aggressive Office FlashSAPSCO
SCOTUSSCP Microsoft 86-dos license agreementSIP Software
SUEPOSafely passing the Doubledisk sourceSam Ramji
SamsungSatya NadellaSay WindowsPC not IBM compatible
SeareteSell through insurance with the OEMsSerbian
SharePoint Reality LogShip Excel simultaneously with Windows 3.0SideKick Reality Log
Silverlight Reality LogSinofsky: write to WinsockSkype is Spy Campaign
SlashdotSoak up GO tech; Microsoft/GO meeting attendeesSoftware Patents Around the World
Software Patents in EuropeSoftware Patents in IndiaSoftware Patents in New Zealand
Software Patents in South AfricaSourceForgeSpain
Stealing all the cool features from DTPStephen RowanSteve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer: I was enthustiac that we shipped OS/2Steve Ballmer: Our goal of making OS/2 the next generation OSSteve Ballmer Quotes on Linux, Free Software, and Novell
Steve Jobs: Amelio fucked up everythingStrategyStrategy against DRI
StuxnetStyle guide biased towards Microsoft appsSun
Surf the Java waveSvenskaSwitcher tactics and WordPerfect
SymantecT3Take the risk against our "even playing field"
TamilTechBytesTechBytes - December 2010
TechBytes - November 2010Techrights CanadaTechrights Legal
Testing DR-DOS for incompatibilityThe Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer priority listThe DOS gold mine is shrinking
The GuardianThe Guardian failsThe IBM/MS partnership in action
The Microsoft Java Language CouncilThe Netware Microsoft relationshipThe Rod gets rich plan and a peace of the action
The biggest advantage in getting involved with MicrosoftThe cash carrier crisisThe dangers of open Interfaces
The real value of triple dippingThe superiority of PM on OS/2The way to shut out Novell
They are really going after usThose rabid DR-dogsTiVo
TomTomTonyka tests DR-DOS 6.0Top 10 U.S. OEMs based Windows 98
TranscriptsTrend MicroTricks with boot process
Trusting StrangersTurboHercules vs IBMTurbolinux
USPTO Innovation a MythUnderstanding WordPerfectUnderstanding how LORGS buy software
Undocumentated API functions found in WINDOWS.HUndocumenting the shell integration APIUniloc
Unitary PatentUnited KingdomUnplanned leaks
Unpublished Office '96 internal shell extensionsUnsere MissionUseful Quotes
Using IE5 to drive win32 adoptionVLC, Apple, and Fan BacklashVMware
VirnetXVisible TechnologiesVisio file format policy
Vista 10 Reality LogVista 7 Reality LogVista 8 Reality Log
Vista 9 Reality LogVoice input will catch on more rapidly than graphics didVringo
Waggener EdstromWarren Buffet on the Microsoft toll bridgeWatchtroll
We have to avoid pure JAVA applicationsWe need to turn the spotlight on the hyenasWe want OpenDOC to fail
What can we steal from ClarisWorks and the Apple UIWhen All Else Fails, They Use Patents Against LinuxWhoa, Corel is getting into the Internet video phone business
Why Amstrad dropped DR-DOSWhy Lotus was told the shell would not be OLE enabledWhy are we giving out the Office 2000 formats
Why identifying Microsoft talking points is importantWhy patents are worth treating as the principal barrier to Free software adoptionWilly (Guillaume) Minnoye
Win95 Logo program requirements and NovellWin95 was Internet readyWindows
Windows Mobile Reality LogWindows Naming StrategyWindows Phones Data Hog Bugs
Windows XP Reality LogWindows first OS/2 eventually strategyWinning API wars
Withhold win95 beta in retaliation for lawsuitWolfram ResearchWordPerfect is impressive
Work in ProgressXBox Reality LogXamarin
Xandros/LinspireXbox exodus continuesXenSource
YahooYankee GroupYet more undocumented API calls
ZDNetZenith provides drivers for Microsoft OS/2Zune Reality Log
Über unsŽeljko Topić
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