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"You never sent me a response on the question of what things an [application] would do that would make it run with MS-DOS and not run with DR-DOS," Bill Gates wrote in 1988. His earlier email? "I am not looking for something they cant get around. I am looking for something their current binary fails on."

non-tested DOS warning code ..

To: Russ werner From: Mark Chestnut Subject: Status Report for April, 1989 Date 5/22/89


The first MS product with the non-tested DOS warning code, Quick Pascal, was released. Tom Reeve and Cindy Kasin have committed to implimenting it in all new MS application and language releases from this point forward, including international.

I am also planning to hire an independent DOS gure to do an in-depth comparative analysis of MS vs. DR DOS, with the idea of somehow making those results available to the press. This could be usefull ammunition to have against DRI, and will be of value even if we choose not to make it public.

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